Where: House of Woof + surrounding neighborhood

When: Dates announced Ad-hoc currently, but drop-off by 8 am!

Pack Size: 5 - 10 Dogs

Dog Requirements: Pre-qualified by House of Woof team + vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella

Parent Requirements: Account at House of Woof (see below)

Online Registration Form

Cost: $25 per walk



Pack Walk Benefits:

1. Dogs have a strong instinctual need to socialize with and explore the world. As we know, many dogs are reactive to other dogs, but these dogs still have a need to get out and socialize. Pack walks satisfy this need. Dogs can safely socialize without physically interacting. Even though the dogs are not physically touching each other, they can smell and see the other dogs, which is still considered socialization

2. Domestic dogs are descended from wolves. Wolves are intensely social animals that roam together in packs. The instinct to stay together in a pack and the bond formed from traveling together is still in domestic dogs. In fact, walking together seems to form positive relationships in dogs more readily than most other activities. Dogs who are reactive to other dogs may form a sense of solidarity with the dogs they're walking with, even if they're still reactive to new dogs that they encounter.

3. Pack-walked dogs are consistently socialized in a structured way that doesn't allow for problematic exchanges. Even dogs who have done very poorly at a dog park can do great on a structured pack walk.

4. Dogs are happiest when they feel that they belong to a group and know what they should do there. Too often, our family dogs feel disjointed. They may not be sure what their role is in the family as we go about our individual activities. When dogs go on a pack walk, they settle into a shared energy, or frequency, with other dogs and their walker. They know exactly where they belong and what they're supposed to do. For most dogs, this is a huge relief. They relax and fully enjoy their walk. This zen state continues when the dog gets home. Dogs are more willing to tap into the positive energy around them, more resistant to negative energy, and less likely to be stressed